Why You’re Here – An Introductory Lesson to Surviving Sunday

Far back in the mists of 2010’s prehistory, I started a weekly column on Facebook called “Sunday in the Comics with Christopher”. The column itself was intended as a way of both being a catalyst for reading the insane amount of comics I brought back from my trip to San Diego and as the capability to review said comics for at least my own personal amusement, and the title was derived from Stephen Sondheim’s “Sunday in the Park with George”. Given that my penchant for affixing witty named based on pre-existing titles is almost non-existant, it’s a wonder I even came up with just that.

After a while, however, the Facebook column dried up (after only about 8 weeks). This was due in part to a combination of lots of work in the real world and a distinct realisation that very few people on Facebook actually gave a crap about what I was reading. Given that the actual people that I know who enjoy comics could be counted on one hand (that’s real life people, not including internet citizens), I figured it’d be a good idea to give it a break for a while until I could come up with a format that could speak to a larger, more targetted audience.

And thus was born this blog.

I happen to run another semi-regular blog at dashiva-mindseye.blogspot.com, and this is my general, all-purpose web journal – political commentary, social goings-on, random scraps of my creative writing; all of it goes there. If you’re looking for updates on my writing projects or what I think of the Australian government’s policy on video game restrictions, then head on over there.

This blog is simply for comic book reviews. Graphic novels, one-shots, continuing series’, specific authors – all of that lives here. I will endeavour to release a new review at least once every week (I’ve already got a few in the can ready to go) and would greatly appreciate discussion, comments and feedback from people who read it. I assign scores based on how much I enjoyed the story, artwork and scripting, and I would greatly encouragement disagreeing with me in order to propagate a discussion. If you believe Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men doesn’t deserve a perfect score then feel free to say so – just keep in mind I may have to hunt you down and mount your spinal column on my wall.

I’ll post my first blog review here shortly, and in the coming weeks I’ll also tranpose my previous reviews from Facebook to here as well.

Also keep in mind I won’t always post on a Sunday 😛

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