Eclectic. Stereophonic. Technicoloured. Digestible.

I talk about whatever I feel like. No more, no less.

Some posts in this column may be cross-posted with In-Progress Draft Material.

This column updates intermittently.

15 Happy 80th Birthday Batman – Why Do We Still Need You?

14 – Sorting Out Fair Play Across the Universe: Doctor Who, Gender and Empathy

13 – Separation of Sleeve and State: Adaptation and Altered Carbon

12 – ‘A Jedi, like my father before me’: The Star Wars films have an Identity Crisis

11 – “This is for me, for all I did to get here”: The Quiet Feminism of Horizon Zero Dawn

10 – Fantasy and Imagination

Ferguson: An Opinion on Exposure

8 – Whosever Holds This Hammer, If She Be Worthy

7 – The Phantom Canon

6 – Dr. Enragelove (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate Glee)

5 – The Dead Don’t Shuffle (They Run)

4 – A World of Bland Imagination

3 – Contemporary Vintages

2 – Fifty Shades of Braindeath

1 – The Middle Child

Banner image Copyright © 2016 Pizqit – Laura Wellington.

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