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Hi. I’m Dr. Chris Comerford.

Born in June, a fan of Star Trek, and a nascent academic. I also write a lot about comic books.

I hold a PhD in Cultural Studies, Digital and Social Media, Communications, and Batman (seriously). I’m a pop culture nut, writer, and useless trivia expert.

You’ll find the majority of my work here. Any of my work not posted on this site is collected in my External Portfolio.

Any readers wanting to drop a line, hit me up at:


Thanks for stopping by!



The Genre Fiend is intended as a review/critique and opinions website. Any copyrighted material that appears on this website is intended to be utilised under fair use. Unless otherwise noted, I do not own any of the images featured in my work.

GENRE FIEND WEBSITE BANNERS/LOGO IMAGERY: All images for The Genre Fiend logo, The Genre Fiend banner, Chris Kills Comics banner, The Mind’s Eye banner and Draft Material banner are Copyright © 2016 Pizqit – Laura Wellington. Please check out more of Laura’s amazing artwork at

CHRIS KILLS COMICS: All copyrighted images, narratives and characters used or discussed in these reviews are the respective intellectual properties of DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Vertigo, Icon, Archie Comics and other sources where appropriate, unless otherwise stated. I do not in any way claim ownership over any copyrighted material presented or discussed herein.

EXTERNAL PORTFOLIO: All images used here are the intellectual property of the respective copyright owners for Food Wars, The Dresden Files, Batman and The Witcher.

If you feel your content has been used unfairly, please email thegenrefiend(at)gmail(dot)com

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