Eclectic. Stereophonic. Technicoloured. Digestible.

I talk about whatever I feel like. No more, no less.

Some posts in this column may be cross-posted with In-Progress Draft Material.

This column updates intermittently.

102Sorting Out Fair Play Across the Universe: Doctor Who, Gender and Empathy

101Separation of Sleeve and State: Adaptation and Altered Carbon

100‘A Jedi, like my father before me’: The Star Wars films have an Identity Crisis

99Clear Eyes, Driven Hearts

98“This is for me, for all I did to get here”: The Quiet Feminism of Horizon Zero Dawn

97Introducing The Genre Fiend

96A Fresh Coat of Paint

95The Five Lords: Seeing the World

94Fantasy and Imagination

93The Five Lords: People Skills

92Coping Mechanisms (or, Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going)

91 Ferguson: An Opinion on Exposure

90Refresh Page

89Whosever Holds This Hammer, If She Be Worthy

88The Quest to e-Publish (or, Help Me Choose My Best Foot)

87The Phantom Canon

86Letter to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

85Fill In The Blanks

84The Fantasy Doorstopper Atkins Diet

83Dr. Enragelove (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate Glee)

82Moving On

81Find Your Path

80The Third Option

79K-K-Kombo Breaker!

78Dear DC, RE: My Broken Heart

77The Mind’s Eye 2012 Awards Ceremony

76Inside the Eye

75F**k Footballers


73Why DnD is Killing Your Social Life

72The Dead Don’t Shuffle (They Run)


70The Writer’s Multiverse

69A World of Bland Imagination


67Advance Australia…Where?

66Contemporary Vintages

65Fifty Shades of Braindeath

64The Middle Child

63The 52-Week Olympiad

62Meditations on Despondency


60The Internal Monologue of a Thesis Writer (Part 3)

59More Rage

58Mass Effect 3: An Epilogue

57A Week in the Life of Commander Shepherd

56A Show with Gangs

55Two K


53The Internal Monologue of a Thesis Writer (Part 2)

52Striking a Blow

51The Wrong Kind of Divorce

50Banned in Ontario

49The Internal Monologue of a Thesis Writer (Part 1)



46New Blood


44Unfulfilled Expectations

43Mass Effect 3 and the Triple-Headed Decisiontron

42Announcing the Technophage™!

41Waxing Lyrical

40But I Digress…



37What Lies Ahead

36A Week in the Life of a Skyrim Adventurer

35The Best and Worst of 2011

34Differentia Specifica



31Moral Choice System

30The Anklebiter

29The Descent of Man

28Drunk and Disorderly


26Expansionist Tendencies

25To What Our Bleak Future Holds

24The Captain Nitro Comic Book Required Reading List


22The National on Thursdays

21Obsidian Reliquary

20What You Leave Behind


18My Inconvenient Truths

17Curse of the Artist

16A Ballad of Bones

15Espress-To-Go: A Fluke Street Excerpt

14Horrific Apathy


12Getting With The Times

11It’s Not Wisteria Lane


9The Best Kind of Self-Indulgence

8The Hollywood Rite of Passage


8That Satisfying Little Noise

7Mumford and Sons

6Federal Case

5Professional Laxadaisacal



2From the Ashes

1Back to the Start (A Retrospective Introduction)

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