A Fresh Coat of Paint


I figure it’s time for a change. If a total wipe works for the Doctor every three years, surely it can work for a low-end pop culture website.

The Writer’s Multiverse started as a collaborative project between myself and several others, but over time it transformed more into a platform for my work specifically (mostly because I killed some of those other writers when they dared to suggest The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t a good film). As such, the Multiverse part of the title no longer feels applicable.

Also, let’s be honest, that name really should’ve gone by some marketing experts before it was implemented. I mean, just say it. The Writer’s Multiverse. Doesn’t that feel a little unwieldy? Not really rolling off the tongue? If you abridge it to the TWM acronym, doesn’t that make it sound like a gossip column or an interstellar venereal disease?

So yeah, The Writer’s Multiverse will soon be losing its name. But it’s gaining a new one.

I won’t reveal yet what that new name is, but I will say it’s passed muster with a few beta testers (mostly my mum). It’s shorter, snappier, and says something about me. Hopefully you’ll all like it – or, at the very least, will find it easier to recommend to your friends.

The site will be undergoing its revamp sometime in late June. In the meantime, I’ll still be writing here in TWM’s last days (see, now I can’t get that space STD thought out of my head). You may have noticed that comic reviews have started back up this week, with a glimpse at the recent Spider-Gwen series, and there are a few other things I’ll be putting online in the lead-up to the website’s makeover.

So stick around. I’m just getting started. And trust me, it will be…


Header image sourced from: http://blog.teammoser.com/index.php/paint-paper-prep/


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