Of Comic-Cons, Karmic Cons and Comic Bombs (Week ending 18/7/14)

I dare you to say that title five times fast.


Not a whole to say this week guys. Most of the last seven days’ fruitful harvest is entertainment-based, so if you’d rather stay in the real world you should probably lament for Australia’s backwards Parliament.


Thor is now a woman (and I can’t think of a funny title for that)


This is not a bad thing. At all.

See here for my getting in on the ground floor for most criticisms related to this before they can spread like internet cancer. For now, let me just state I am fully onboard with this, and I look forward to seeing what writer Jason Aaron and his artist/editorial team make of this.

Also, there is a precedent for Asgardians being gender benders; lest we forget Loki was a woman for much of J. Michael Straczynski’s much-lauded run, and that was freakin’ awesome. And gave us all very weird boners.



Peruvians were wearing battle claws before Wolverine made it cool


Move over, bub. Peru beat you to it.

Seriously, any society that makes “battle claws” is clearly not to be messed with.


Marvel is locked in an estate battle over Jack Kirby, which is potentially more deadly than anything Galactus could throw at them


Look, I find it highly doubtful Marvel are gonna lose out on this. If they did, I have no doubt they’d shell out the cash to buy back the copyright from Kirby’s estate. Or maybe they’d just phase the characters out of print until they stop making cash, coz you know that’s gonna work so well for the Fantastic Four.


DashCon turns out to be the biggest con (job) ever



Pour yourself a glass of preferred beverage, put your feet up by the fire (or electric heater), and take a minute to read this. Oh, the booze isn’t coz it’ll take long to read. It’s to wet your throat after all the schadenfreude-prompted laughing you’ll do as you read it.

To say DashCon was an unmitigated disaster is drastically selling it short. This is probably the worst convention example I’ve read about in my life, and I’ve read about Animania.


News on the elusive Mass Effect 4 *might* be making itself known very shortly


December 26th, 2009 @ 11:07:42

Emphasis on might. Very, very might.

Comic-Con would definitely be the place to do it, I guess. You need something to at least try topping the pre-viz footage from Avengers: Age of Ultron that Whedon’s almost certainly got up his sleeve.

Yeah, nah. It won’t top it. We all know it.


The incoming Fantastic Four movie might not have the iconic costumes, characterisations or any relation to the comics whatsoever…huh?



Ok, look, I’m the first to say “Wait and see” when it comes to controversial decisions made about capefilms. I’m yelling at everyone who bemoans Ben Affleck donning the cowl to just wait, watch, then judge. I said the same thing about the claims that X-Men: Days of Future Past would be overcrowded and cluttered, and I’m sticking to my guns that Guardians of the Galaxy does not bear criticism – neither good nor bad – until you plonk your ass in the seat and watch the damn thing.

But, guys, I gotta be honest. This has “trainwreck” writ large in neon fifty-foot-high letters across it. I’m not a fan of the FF even on a good day, so I’m not expecting magic from director Josh Trank here.

But who knows. I’ve been wrong before.


Joss Whedon revives Firefly. As a notebook doodle. Because it’s awesome.


Seems legit.


And on the subject of Whedon, here’s some details and artwork stills from Avengers: Age of Ultron


avengers age of ultron

You’re welcome.


The most believable and oft-referenced theory regarding the true parentage of Jon Snow from Game of Thrones is now in a handy six-minute video


Beware, POTENTIAL future spoilers in there. Coz at this point, it is still only a theory. A damn good one, admittedly, but a theory nonetheless.

Hey, it’s better than the theory that Stannis is actually a Cylon.


That’s all for this week. Come back next Friday for another Bite!


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