Of Gaiman, Hijabs and Misogyny (Week ending 4/7/14)

Short one this week, folks. No, not because there was no news, but life got in the way of Zite-trawling. Damn life! Be better off without it.


Batman adds to his stranglehold on DC Comics with two new ongoings


Ok, look, I love Batman as much as the next guy (actually, since it’s literally my job to read too much into him, probably a bit more than the next guy), but this is getting ridiculous. According to TvTropes, adding Arkham Manor and Gotham Academy to the bevy of Bat-books already out means, when combined with his appearances on books like Justice League, Batman and his related brood feature in approximately one third of DC’s current monthly output.

Um…oh dear. Bit too much of a good thing?

Also, stashing Arkham’s inmates in Wayne Manor? I can’t help but feel the Joker would be ill-suited to helping Alfred cook dinner most nights.


That American Gods TV series we thought wasn’t happening, is happening


Take the good with the bad, Biters. On the one hand, almost anything by Neil Gaiman is great, and American Gods was a great book. On the other, can they really make it, y’know, a good show per se?

One of the things the book did well was have its protagonist, Shadow, act as equal parts an audience surrogate and a cipher to the strange things going on around him. Indeed, vast chunks were more concerned with the stuff he interacted with rather than the character himself. Throwing that up on a silver screen, where we need to be interested in our visual protagonist, could be difficult.

Still, Starz did that latter-day Torchwood miniseries, and that was good, right?



David Finch, one half of the incumbent Wonder Woman creative team, doesn’t want you thinking he’s anti-feminist

SOURCE: COMIC BOOK RESOURCES1404161899000-WONDER-WOMAN-36-COMICS-JY-665-65511024-e8aaa-2876a

I’ll just leave this here.

For those interested, it’s a response to an interview he gave here. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Suffice it to say, I’m probably not going to give patronage to his work.


JCPenney have had their right to sacrifice employees to Cthulhu upheld by SCOTUS


…yeah, I’ll just leave this here too.


A hijab-wearing superhero fan gave her favourite characters a gorgeous makeover


I wanna see more of this. Sure, you can come across great reinterpretations of pop culture staples on tumblr and deviantart, but I wanna see more of these than I wanna see Captain Marvel in her underwear.

It’s great seeing more multicultural approaches to Western pop culture, so great work, Nora! Also, I totally reckon that Hulk outfit is what he wore before his appearance in The Avengers. Just to be on the nose.


Robin Thicke attempts a Twitter Q&A, and gets exactly the reaction he deserves


Full disclosure: I didn’t really pay attention to the lyrics in Blurred Lines until someone pointed out its connections to rape. It was so damn catchy, and though I make a living out of reading too much into things, I didn’t do so here. Sometimes a head-assed philosopher needs to let the ol’ brain hard drive spin down for a bit and just enjoy a catchy song.

While Thicke is far from the worst misogynist popstar out there, he’s still pretty awful. Props to Twitter for serving up a little e-justice.

You know he wanted it.

The Writer’s Multiverse does not condone rape jokes. It does however condone ironic twisting of an idiot’s song lyrics.


In a similar vein, Cartoon Network fires an ass-face (allegedly) sexually harassing creator


This news has been run by a few sources, but I picked TMS’s version coz writer Jill Pantozzi goes into a little more depth surrounding the circumstances and notions of ‘bravery’ surrounding coming forward after being sexually harassed. Well worth a read, and not just because it paints a great picture of a douchebag who got what was coming to him.

I still don’t know how men think they can get away with this. Aren’t we more progressive than this? Or is that too obvious an observation?

Either way, good on Cartoon Network for taking some action.


That’s all for this week. Come back next Friday for another Bite!


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