Of Sea-Dwellers, Book Sellers and Finale-Yellers (Week ending 20/6/14)

Making news out of nothing is a pet peeve, which is why news.com.au don’t get my clicks as often anymore. Unfortunately I find myself in the awkward position of taking that peeve and engineering some pageviews out of it, grubby pageview-vulture that I am.

Y’see, whether it’s just my taste in articles or something speaking to a larger problem with news aggregators, there really wasn’t anything massive this week. So I’ve made a post about news that isn’t really news, but more things of idle curiosity. Oh, and Samuel L Jackson’s in it, so that’s a thing.

Don’t hate me. It’s a slow Zite week (for me, at least).


Jason Momoa is Aquaman!…we think



Take this with a massive pinch of salt, guys; outlets have been “reporting” this since December, and no matter how many times Momoa growls at reporters to shut the hell up about it, it still seems to be a thing. Many news services are claiming this time it’s for real, you guys, seriously.

Assuming it is, I’m ok with this. I demand Aquaman have Momoa’s dredlocks, though. He’ll need all the badass he can muster on the big screen.


The Munchkin card game is getting a monthly comic


cover_lgIf you haven’t played Munchkin yet, head to your nearest game store immediately and purchase it. Then come back here.

For those already in the know, I’m sure you’ll agree this is good news. It’s made better with the knowledge that each issue comes with a card. Am I the only one thinking of a subscription?


Stephen Colbert fires a shot in the ongoing Amazon vs. Hachette war


Amazon and book publisher Hachette are kinda engaged in a battle for the fate of the universe right now – or, at least, the latter’s ongoing presence on the former’s website. Since Amazon are slowing (read: probably halting almost altogether) sales of Hachette books – the publisher that just released Colbert’s latest book – well, they’re not in many people’s good books right now.

Colbert’s one of ’em, and he’s called not only for a customer alternative to the online giant that is Amazon, but he also wants us to buy a book from a first-time author and get it on The New York Times Bestseller List. Which is kinda what’s happening right now.

Between this and the John Oliver thing I talked about two weeks ago, I’d’ve thought online services wouldn’t discount what a popular comedian with an audience can do when you piss people off on purpose.


Joss Whedon talks a little about his process behind writing Avengers movies


I’ll let the man himself say the rest. I know most non-believers tend to view Joss as a little overblown and overhyped these days, but dammit if the man doesn’t get how to make a cape-and-cowl flick work.


Twenty years on, Samuel L. Jackson recites his iconic “Ezekiel” bible quote from Pulp Fiction entirely from memory


He is still the bad motherthingy.


Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss talk about how and why Season 4’s finale differed from page to screen (MAJOR SPOILERS IN THIS LINK)



I won’t mention any spoilers here, but it’s interesting to read some of the rationale behind their changes. Despite some disappointment and elements of the finale (though the overall episode was fantastic), I trust Benioff and Weiss to do right by us.

I’m well aware quite a few fans were down on a particularly large aspect from the books being absent in the episode. To them, I agree that it’s disappointing, but have faith. They know what they’re doing.

Or, maybe they don’t. In which case, I’ll rally the banners.


The estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has lost an ongoing copyright battle regarding Sherlock Holmes


Ok, I get copyright claims can be murky, especially for older works. The “they were trying for a cash-grab argument” has been fielded a few times in opposition to the few who believe the estate were genuinely interested in artistic integrity by securing the rights themselves.

Personally, I’m in the former camp. (Most) Holmes stories have been public domain for a while now, and I’d wager the copyright claims stem from the popularity being experienced by things like Sherlock and Elementary. They want a slice of that pie, I get that. Hell, I wouldn’t mind a slice of profits from a multi-million dollar franchise. That’s why it’s better to make your own instead.

Remember when your mum told you that you could do anything when you grow up? How bout, instead of this childish idiocy, you put that energy into making your own opus.


DC Comics could possibly be looking at another reboot next year


At this point the DC universe is a festering, infected wound that it doesn’t know how to heal. Rather than rely on a positive fix by putting back the things they took out that fans love – in this analogy, using stitches and penicillin – they’d rather stick to trying new things that don’t sort the problem out – in this analogy, relying on herbal remedies and fluids made of flannel and arsenic. Seriously, go back to putting in the characters we love who were taken from the reboot (lookin’ at you, Donna Troy and pre-blackwashed Wally West) and establish a firm and coherent canon. Constantly hitting the reset button just prolongs the issue and plunges sales down the S-bend.

Marvel have been overtaking DC of late in the print world, in critical reception if not always in dollars (though the latter has shifted in Marvel’s favour for the past few months). You know why? They’re consistent. They relaunch, not reboot. They have stories with creativity. Maybe take some notes on your way to Burbank, DC?

Ok, sorry, I know I should stop bitching about DC’s shortcomings (except, of course, I won’t). Here’s a picture of Batman instead. Because everything is cool when you’re Batman.

scare tactics 2


That’s all for this week. Come back next Friday for another bite!


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