Back to the Start (A Retrospective Introduction)

This has been written towards the end of 2013, after two years and 95 columns’ worth of spleen-venting. But it comes chronologically before the first one. And stuff’s missing.

Hold on, let me explain.

The posts in this section are almost as old as my internet maturity – that is, the age where I stopped using MSN and having online nicknames that were actually pretentious quotes in multicoloured fonts – but there are a few that still predate that. The self-referential story reviews, for one. I mean, who actually read that shit? I sure as hell didn’t, even though I wrote the thing.

So with those early attempts at writing removed, I’ve restarted Mind’s Eye with the first 12 posts intentionally left out. If you’re that desperate to go read my neophyte attempts at blogging and critiquing (and personally, I’d prefer eating my own teeth), you can do so here. Otherwise, enjoy my evolution as an intrepid, amateur and annoying online writer.


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