Moving On

So it seems I’ve fallen victim to a lax update pattern once again. Though this time, promise, it was for a legitimate reason.
I recently moved into a new home with a couple of other dudes, and our facilities have been devoid of the graceful, sweeping entity of cultural evolution and time-wasting that is the internet. The best I’ve been able to utilise in the past few weeks involves using my iPhone to update Facebook, explore unlikely news stories about tertiary travel concessions and use the GoodReads app to give micro-reviews for some of the books and comics I’ve read in the interim (which is kind of like adjusting to life without cigarettes by smoking burning pieces of rolled up seaweed paper).
This has left me also unable to update my regular blog and my ongoing, soon-to-be-concluded-in-true-dramatic-fashion serial CRUD. It’s also meant my plans for the fledgling Writer’s Multiverse getting off the ground have undergone something of an unavoidable delay. This is not to say I’ve been sitting idle whilst my internet Rome burns around me and I languish in the Bastille; I’ve written a slew of new chapters for the serial story I’m debuting in the Multiverse (now at 33 and counting at time of writing), I’ve managed to get some actual reading done alongside the comic books I pretend to critique officially, and I’ve done some groundwork on a new novel-length story I’ve been working on since New Year’s. So while I’ve stayed in the background, giving scant hints of update-nothing and remaining deaf to the muted cries of those of you screaming for my return (which, upon closer examination, doesn’t actually include anyone from the human race in its number), I’ve been busy.
Despite what I’ve outlined in the paragraph above, I’ve actually spent most of the time in my pyjamas watching Community.
Now, while most of you who keep up with my ramblings (yep, all three of you) might possibly have missed my constant and unavoidable presence in your Facebook inboxes and front gardens, I do have a bit of sad news for you. Since the Multiverse project is nearing readiness for launch, and I’m going to be devoting a lot of my internet writing energy over there, that means Mind’s Eye will be shutting down. It’s confusing enough for some people as it is to have three different blogs all on the one website within one mouseclick from each other, and having to split my readers’ attentions between Blogger and WordPress is clearly asking for trouble. I mean, seriously, who wants to spend time dicking around my carefully laid-out and user-friendly blog sites when you’ve got Team Fortress 2games that aren’t going to play themselves?
There is still a little bit of my Eye left to explore for the next few weeks, so don’t automatically start unfollowing me just yet. I’ll be running nearly in tandem with the last few episodes of CRUD, so barring anymore internet shortages they should both end at around the same time. The Sunday comics reviews will also be stopping, but I’m hoarding a bunch of those for the rebooted version that’ll be appearing in the Multiverse during launch week, so you won’t be without my self-important criticisms for too long.
When the Multiverse does go live I will most likely be starting up another opinion blog like Mind’s Eye, but given the limited time I’ll have between site upkeep, story-writing and Uni work (which I actually have to stop pretending to do and actually do, since they’re paying me this year to do it) it probably won’t be a weekly occurrence. Besides, you lot will have that much of a fictional and factual smorgasbord to choose from, so you probably won’t miss my rants thatmuch.
So for now, I’d like to once again thank everyone who’s sticking with me to the end, new and old fans, and I hope you’ll all keep by me when the bittersweet end comes. Don’t worry, I won’t try to hold your hand. You probably don’t want my psoriasis.

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