K-K-Kombo Breaker!

Heya guys, just a quick post to let everyone know we’ve now hit 3000 total page views!


As with our last milestone, I’d like to thank everybody for contribootin’ and checking out the site every week. I couldn’t have come this far without all of you (except you, Greg. Yeah, you know who you are) and I hope to continue providing you with quality (read: rambley) work for the foreseeable future.

When the Multiverse starts next month, I think I may still post here from time to time – 3000 ain’t a number to sniff at, even if it is the number of men Kim Kardashian’s married this month – but for now, thanks again to everybody who reads, and I hope you keep checking it out every week!

No, seriously, please check it out. The pageviews are my reason to live. I need my pageviews.


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