It seems I’ve been a bit lax this past week on the blogosphere. Well, let’s not mince words – I’ve let you all down.

That might sound a little big-headed of me since I’m still a double-digits-per-week-independent-starving-for-food-and-creatively-bankrupt writer, but I do feel bad about letting my schedule slip quite a bit for the past week. I promised you CRUD. I promised my DnD social piece. I promised a comic review. I also teased a secret writing project due out today.

None of that’s happened. And for that, I’m really sorry.

The reason is twofold. First, and the biggest of the two, is this thing I’m doing called NaNoWriMo. For the tl;dr version, I’m writing a 50,000 word novel in the space of a month (doing well so far; at 13,000 at time of writing). While it’s a really fun, awesome experience that I’m loving doing with my friends, it does mean my writing time kinda goes out the window.

This is also compounded by the second reason – work. Right now, I’m saving up to move out of home come February. It’s meant that I have to work a bit more often now, especially with the impending Christmas shifts that become available, and as such that eats up my time as well. To be perfectly honest NaNoWriMo is sucking down more hours than a temporal Hoover, but work is still a factor. It’s part of why the Writer’s Multiverse mentioned in the last post will be updating its creative input from me every fortnight rather than every week – it not only means I can keep to schedule better, but the work will (hopefully) be of finer quality given the extra time and effort to carefully craft it.

On a more individual level, each of my three current writing spheres is suffering respective issues right now. Mind’s Eye is in a rut since, apart from the aforesaid DnD piece (which is almost finished), there’s not much for me to write about that hasn’t already been covered by other, more professional writing spots. I considered doing the American Election, the four-week-old baby stolen from a Sydney hospital or how you’ll soon be able to have sex on the Enterprise Bridge, but it all seemed covered already. Actually, I may end up writing that last one.

The comic reviews suffered because there was next to nothing out at the moment that remotely interested me, good or bad. There is an almighty haul coming tomorrow (including Avengers vs. X-Men, which you can definitely expect I’ll be going over with several fine-tooth combs), but for the most part it’s been all quiet on the Western comic front.

As for CRUD, the problem is much more intrinsic. I’ve been writing it for the better part of a year, and I announced on my group of loyal Facebook readers about a month ago that it’d be wrapping up in January with Episode 40. With a clear end-goal in mind, I’ve started writing the in-between bits to get to the conclusion I think the series deserves. The problem with that – which NaNoWriMo has helpfully highlighted for me – is that most of the mystery, for me, is gone. I think that might sound more big-headed than the let-down statement at the start.

When I first wrote CRUD, part of what galvanized me into action each week was that I had no idea where the story was going to go apart from a few vague inner suggestions, as well as feedback given to me by the “actors”. Now that it’s become much more labyrinthine than I could have predicted (with enough unanswered questions to rival LOST), and I’ve got to keep a much better balance of fun and exciting plot with the many intricate details I’ve got throughout the narrative, it means I need to plan my writing a lot more than I did at the start. It’s made it difficult to write the in-betweeny bits because they feel much more methodical and a lot less organic, even though I came up with the story myself.

Don’t panic, this isn’t going to turn into a backdoor cancellation reveal. CRUD will get its finale, come hell or high water, and starting next Tuesday we’ll be back to regular episodic sojourns. I just feel that as a writer it’ll help if I explain when I sometimes let things fall through the cracks. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve been pretty good with near-regular updates on my three creative works – thesis time notwithstanding. I’d ask now, from both my die-hard fans and the people randomly using StumbleUpon to find this blog, that you give me a little patience. The DnD bit, the special writing project, the rest of CRUD…it’s all coming. I promise.

I wouldn’t be where I am, as a writer or internet poster, without all my readers. You’ve stuck by me – some of you for years – and I appreciate your patience now more than ever. I’m getting ready to round off 2012 in style, and get ready for my next wave of stuff in 2013. If you’re still interested in why DnD kills social lives, how it is that the Avengers end up fighting the X-Men, why the special writing project involves a Spartan named Ezekiel (whoops, spoiler) and the fact that sentient lightning kidnaps some stalwart CRUD agents, then stick around. The band M People said it best – “Things can only get better.”


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