The Writer’s Multiverse

(CHRIS FROM THE FUTURE SAYS: This post was written long before the website you’re currently browsing became a thing. We may have strayed a little from the original idea, but this is where we got started)



For years, I’ve been a writer. All I’ve wanted is exposure, the ability to share my writings – good or bad – with others. I started with FanFiction, moved onto original stories, threw up scrips and scraps on various blogs and journals, ran an ongoing serial that is reaching its conclusion, reviewed comic books that no-one reads, and plastered my views of the world through political and socially-motivated exercises in futile dissection.


Part of the reason I’m not getting as out there as I want probably has something to do with the “blog” descriptor applied to each of my writing endeavours. Part of it stems from having my writing scattered across three different sources which – even with the advent of my handy Facebook readers group – can get a bit muddled every now and then.
There are also reasons why each specific project has drawbacks. CRUD can be off-putting to those not a fan of serialised storytelling. The comic reviews are a bit weird for those (most of my readers) who don’t read comics. And Mind’s Eye can get…indulgent. A bit.
Well, a lot.


Starting in January will be my next writing project, probably the biggest undertaking I’ve ever done. In place of a blog, there will be a website. The mediocre writings of Chris Comerford will be under one handy umbrella, on a site rather than a blog.

And thus, I present my idea: 


The premise carries several facets:
– My Mind’s Eye writings will start there on a fresh page, carrying relevant themes and ideas and ditching the numbering system that I think alienates some readers. All the random social, political and other-y stuff I write about will go there, in its own separate section.
– Comic reviews will likewise go there, in their own section. Hopefully, more people’ll read them this time around.
– My new creative writing project, which some people already know about, is the titular Writer’s Multiverse. Each fortnight, starting at the end of January 2013, I’ll post a new, standalone short story using people I know the way CRUD does. Each fortnight will be a different genre, different characters and a different story, but all within the same multiverse. This way my old fans can still keep up with my stuff, and the un-serialised nature of the narratives allows newbies to join a bit easier.
So far, this all sounds pretty blegh, right? I mean, it’d be easy enough to just start a whole new blog and stick everything there instead. So why a website, beyond getting rid of that “blog” stigma?


I want to expand this project to other writers as well, and give them the chance to write stuff up for exposure and get their name out there. I want people to scribe video game reviews. I want my friends to tell us what movies are worth watching. I want to know the books I should bothering torrenting purchasing.
Put simply, I want this Multiverse to have more than just me in it. I want a group.
Short-term, I’m looking for three or four people interested in writing weekly or fortnightly stuff that can be posed on this site – creative, critical, informative, observational, whatever. You got an idea, give me a shout.
As well as that, I want to try and start a connecting podcast to go out fortnightly or monthly. Anyone interested, let me know about that too.
My attempts at creating stuff with other people have often gone up in smoke, for one reason or another. Brain Jooce failed. Podcast of Win failed. I want this to be different. I want to put my stuff out there with you all, and have you put your stuff out with me. I want to learn from what you all write, and hopefully show you some things myself. I don’t want the writing to be off-putting to those with limited time or the desire for better-quality stuff. I want this to fly.
Remember what I said earlier about Mind’s Eye being indulgent? Point proven.
In all seriousness, for those of you who check this out and decide you might be interested, let me know. This will happen whether it’s me alone or a group of us, and it’ll hopefully be better than all my past creative efforts combined. TWM represents my next creative step forward, and I hope those of you who’ve loved or hated what I’ve done so far will come with me on that step, and see what happens next.

3 thoughts on “The Writer’s Multiverse

  1. I'd be interested in writing stories. I've got a few stored up in my mind and on my computer. I'm in a writing class so that always helps. I'm more of a fanfic writer, but I do have some of my own, mostly short stories though.

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