Meditations on Despondency

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to write for this one. Initially it was going to be another “Thesis Writer” installment (before I realised my bouts of procrastination mean there’s not a lot of extra material to be funny about), then it was going to focus on this little gem, and the myriad ways I’m disgusted such a video exists.

But in the end, I’ve got no clue what to write. Usually I have something semi-profound I can throw in here to seem intelligent, or an issue I can tackle that outwardly appears to need more tackling despite the entire Roman Legion-worth of tacklers already lying on top of it.

Today I’ve just got nothing. Not a dicky bird. I’m so tired of most of the Western world that I can’t even get worked up about anything right now. My vitriol has to remained bottled this week.

What is it about our race that makes us so despicable sometimes? Why do we proliferate things that only degrade our own quality of life? War, political machinations, celebrity scandals…what the bloody hell is the point of it all?

I mean, who gives a good God-damn that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with a 40-something-year-old (married) film director? Oh, that’s right, millions of fucking people give a God-damn. MILLIONS. I mean, come on, the day this news report rated higher than Olympics prep, Australian politics and the Aurora massacre on SMH’s website I felt a piece of me die inside.

We, as a species, are disgusting. We promulgate sick, weaselly people into the spotlight simply so we can feel better about ourselves by producing a figure we can blame. We elevate scumbag, self-serving members of political parties into higher positions of power because none of the actually good people are controversial or dramatic enough, or because the gangs of weak-minded supporters they have outnumber the clever people. We cling to religion as a shield when it suits us, and the lowest of our fine Earthly citizens use it to justify rape, or murder, or gluttony. We wear painted smiles and manufactured faces, and nearly everything about us has become artificial.

My question is – what is there that’s really good about us? What is there that’s worth beating the drum about for our species? Are we really worth it in the grand scheme of things?

Yes, we have humanitarians – really great people who try to spread civilisation and modernity to every corner of the world. We have organisations like Amnesty International who do their damnedest to fight against inequality and the things that create divisions between us as people. We’ve got the local heroes, the people here and there that volunteer places to help strengthen their community.

But are we really making a difference, or are all these goodwill efforts merely throwing sandbags in front of the approaching tsunami? Are we as a species worth saving, worth being kept elevated to the apex of biological superiority?

Before anyone interprets this as the writings of a future homicidal maniac, let me just state that I know I’m being overly dramatic. I know that most of what I’ve just written doesn’t apply everywhere, and there are genuinely good things worth standing up for. I guess I’m just a bit at the end of my tether with the whole “Humans are the best!” thing. I felt unusually angry after watching the video mentioned at the start of this post – an anger augmented by the knowledge that the Goddamn mother-pus-bucket Tea Party was probably behind it – and was going to launch into an extensive study of how almost everything stated in the video was either completely wrong or a gross exaggeration.

Heh, I was going to complain about gross exaggeration, yet look at what I’ve written? I love contradicting myself sometimes.

This probably will not be one of my proudest posts on this site, but I feel I need to get some of this humanist loathing out of my system. Maybe I’ll feel better once this goes out. Maybe I’ll still feel jaded.

All I know for certain is that I’ve never been more positive that we need superheroes in the real world. I mean, you wouldn’t have fuckwits like James Holmes out doing shit if Batman were around the beat the bajeesus out of him. Captain America wouldn’t put up with political parties twisting a friggin’ six-year-old to their designs, simply to bash a politician they don’t like. And if you think Iron Man would stand around while terrorists gun down honorable, loyal men and women in uniform in the Middle East, think again.

Fuck, this world can be depressing sometimes.



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