A Show with Gangs

[FUTURE CHRIS SAYS: This post was originally all smooshed together because it was iPhone’d, so I’ve spaced it out and corrected the spelling errors. They weren’t very funny]

This was meant to go out yesterday, but work and university are harsh mistresses. Also, this is being haphazardly typed on my phone so forgive any spelling or autocorrect mccrapbaskets.

Last year I checked out a Canberra production called GangShow. For those not in the know, it’s a sweet gig done by some sweet people from Scouts, Rovers and groups of that nature. They get together, do some AWESOME skits and jokes, and generally warm your heart and speak to your inner child as well as your matured adult. Then the child and adult can share memories of it later on, reminiscing about the good times.

That’s right: GangShow makes you remember things with yourself. It’s that good.

This year, y’all need to go check it out. The gig is at Erindale Theatre, and information can be found at www.canberragangshow.com.au so go there now and see some awesome stuff. Seriously – my HSC drama class wasn’t as good as some of the kids in this, and we once performed The Real Inspector Hound. That was good, right? Well, they’re better. Go see it.

It’s better than anything on the E! Channel.


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