Striking a Blow

My games rant is gonna have to wait – this is way more interesting.

The Avengers, Marvel’s latest superhero film opus, has nailed that elusive $1billion mark at the international box office, now belonging to an exclusive club that only 11 other films occupy. While this is by no means a small feat, and I do wish them luck in attempting to beat the $2.7billion lead that Avatar has over it, it means a few other things.

The Avengers, financially, beat Shrek.

It beat The Hunger Games.

It beat Inception.

It beat almost all of Star Wars and Harry Potter, and every Pixar film except Toy Story 3.

It even managed to kick the crap out of almost all the Michael Bay movies, including the first two Transformers.

But you know the best part?


If there was ever a time when this had its point most proven, it’d probably be now.

Fuck you, Twilight. Superheroes are way cooler.


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