The White Diamond is queen. She sits on a throne of starlight and promises, proclaiming herself to be the apex of everything a gemstone should aspire to be. She is regal, forthright, strong-willed and tough-headed. She sparkles with the light of a million tiny stars, that each are birthed and extinguished when she turns her head. Millions upon millions, and all within her gleaming facets.

She is guarded by the tall, strong Black Diamond, a masculine picture of a bodyguard who guards His Royal Highness from the pretenders to the starlit throne. He is clad in a white gold robe of office, and carries a sword of gleaming eighteen carat yellow death to any who would challenge his lady.

The court is attended by the usual suspects; the Ruby, a muted red courtesan who speaks to the carnal, primal desires of man and those who see her. The Garnet, Ruby’s older brother, who is worldly and wise yet still knows how to put on a show as he keeps his sibling in check. The Emerald, a mystical green emissary that bridges the gap between the material and the spiritual, who can bring colour and beauty as equally as shining, jewelled terror that strikes an eerie green dirge in the hearts of her prey.

The Sapphire, a towering blue matriarch cut from the same coloured cloth as her queen, who shepherds the younger and less wise stones through the trials of their lives. She is scholarly, well-learned and wise. The Amethyst, a sly seductress of purple demeanour who thinks of nothing but her own heart’s desire. She is pale, not yet a rich colour like her fellow courtiers.

Her closest and most trusted confidant, the equally young and lively Peridot, partakes in her activities while cultivating a name for herself as a rival to the double-edged sword of the Emerald’s green gaze. Like the Amethyst she is pale, but nevertheless carries a fullness within her that solidifies what colour she has. She and the Amethyst round out the youngest trio with the Citrine, muted yellow but not the same way that the Ruby is muted red. The Citrine blends gold and herself together to look like a great, piercing eye. She does not yet know how to use this colour to her advantage, but it certainly gets her more attention than she would have ever predicted.

Tonight they are all gathered for two purposes; the first is to listen to the stories of the newly-returned Pearl, fresh from a deep sea exploration adventure far beyond the boundaries of the throne. The White Diamond and her entourage listen with rapt enthusiasm as the Pearl spins tales of terrible monsters and gleaming silver saviours in the depths of the ocean. She particularly triggers the attention Peridot, who thinks that taking part in such adventures might set her apart and above the Emerald. The Amethyst and the Citrine just think she’s crazy, but the Sapphire understands. She was an adventurer once, and she always remembers those days fondly.

The second purpose is a meal to welcome a foreign traveler who calls himself the Opal. From the start of his speech to the assembled party he grabs the attention of the Ruby, who listens rapturously as the Opal speaks of far-away lands where the sun scorches the earth under which he lives. The Garnet looks a little disapproving at his sister being entranced by the foreigner, but in the end even he has a hard time not being impressed by the Opal’s magnificent tales. If the Ruby wants to get closer to the Opal, however, it becomes clear she’ll have to deal with the sly attentiveness of the Amethyst.

As the evening draws to a close, the Turquoise servants arrive to remove all the finished plates and cutlery while the Quartz palace guards surround the perimeter for the evening. The White Diamond has enjoyed this evening’s frivolities, though she makes a mental note to speak to the Opal about not trying anything untoward with the younger stones. The Black Diamond and Garnet share a quick nightcap before bed, laughing at the way the female stones were absorbed by the Opal’s stories and wondering aloud if they might join the Pearl next time she goes off on another adventure. Garnet knows his wife, the Aquamarine, might have a problem with that.

The village of Cubic Zirconia residents at the foot of the mountain that keeps the grand palace is asleep as the pale Moonstone overhead keeps them safe at night, knowing that they will all awaken bright and early when the Topaz sun rises across the horizon.


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