The Descent of Man

What the hell is it with modern education these days?

In primary school, nursery rhymes have been hit by the racial-prejudice-stamp by omitting the original colour from “Baa-Baa Black Sheep”, instead replacing the “assumed racial epithet” with “rainbow sheep”. Apparently in a spirit of inclusion and political correctness.

In high school, Australian history is shoved down the throats of every student in almost every subject – hell, even Mathematics can find a way to relate Pythagoras’ Theorem and studies in trigonometry to the arrival of convicts at Botany Bay and the exploits of the oppressive Australian government stomping down on the terrified Aboriginals. Think about the Stolen Generation next time you add two plus two.

In university, the complete absurdity of the majority of English-related subjects, in particular, gives rise to the question – Why the hell am I doing this degree? Why am I studying in an “Experimental Writing” course that literally amounts to weekly exercises of surgically extracting existing quotes from literary works and Frankensteining them into a vaguely-coherent collage of plagiarised mess? Why am I involved in a Writing Poetry class where the tutor is either drunk or stoned, or more often both? What the hell is the point in having Australian history as a compulsory subject in first-year that, because of my lack of knowledge for such, leads to me barely scraping through with a pass that degrades my otherwise-exemplary grade point average?

When will this teacher start fucking controlling his class, instead of allowing the yahoo monkeys to continue running this classroom through half-baked theories of surrealist ideology?

Education these days has taken a downturn in this country – we live in a time of political correctness, attempts at enforced guilt for the sins of our fathers, and an airy-fairy approach to a tertiary education that costs ten of thousands of dollars and which amounts to little more than a scruffy-faced, potato-head tutor giving out a lesson that one could just as easily find on YouTube from an underdressed WoW nerd. It’s like a festering of the bone marrow, a degradation in the soul of what makes education necessary.

It’s no wonder Gillard became PM if our schools are this fucked.


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