I was recently tasked, for a uni assignment, to explain how I would conquer Writer’s Block in a creative way. I wrote thus:

I’d attack it with a team of people all wielding sledgehammers. I would look within myself to see what it is I want to write about, then push hard to get it written properly. My problem with overcoming writer’s block is that when I force out writing while suffering from it, the writing comes out as more unrefined than usual and quite substandard, as opposed to when I write in “the zone” and can write a great deal from a greatly creative place. I suppose the only real way for me to overcome writer’s block is to force it away, because if I wait for it to dissipate then I don’t get nearly as much writing done as I’d like to.
Now, I hate the subject this assignment was for, and my response was token in nature in order to garner marks. But it got me thinking – how can I really get rid of Writer’s Block? I’ve got at least 3 projects to be working on, and ideas for them all, but no drive or motivation to do so.
I feel that no amount of chocolate, pre-writing Xbox gaming and meditations on Tim Minchin and Interpol can really get rid of it at the moment, because I just don’t feel the urge like I used to.
Look at this blog even – I’ve gone from five or six entires a month to only 1 for the entirety of May.
I require a change. Possibly a total frontal lobotomy.

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