Obsidian Reliquary

I just finished watching the season finale of Castle – without hyperbole, it is the best episode I’ve ever seen. I stayed away from spoilers, was shocked by the twists that came about, and was in tears in the episodes last ten minutes. The very end was a combination of predictable and unexpected, but on the whole it was presented in such a way that I was stunned when all the bad shit happened to the characters. It was very much an edge-of-your-seat kind of episode for me.

However after I finished I went online to read reviews about the episode. The majority all said the same thing – it was cliche, over-done and the only thing that was really surprising was what happened in the last sixty seconds. All the thunderous story swerves that I’d been thrilled and saddened by were condemned as being too over the top and outwardly apparent by these people who’d just watched it.

This happens a lot with things I see – I’ll watch it, find them explosively awesome and jam-packed with goody fun times as well as engage thoroughly with the moments that turn the story on its head. Then I’ll find other people worked out the twists long before they occurred, and were similarly underwhelmed when they experienced them. A good example of this is in Tron Legacy (SPOILER WARNING) – I had no idea Rinzler was Tron until Flynn mentioned it directly. It came as a complete shock to me. Both my dad and my girlfriend, however, said they’d seen it coming almost an hour beforehand.

Does that make me less of a moviegoer – nay, less of an enjoyer of the arts – if these twists that shock me are just mediocre to everyone else? Is it through lack of experience that I find myself revelling in the moments that others find mundane, or is it just me being too easy to please?

This kind of thing ties into the earlier entry I did around the things I love that other people hate or find weird. I guess in the end it just highlights the anomaly in space and time that is me.


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