My Inconvenient Truths

I thought The Matrix Revolutions was an awesome film, even if the first one is the best.

Darksaber is one of the best Star Wars novels ever published.

I thought the Kiefer Sutherland/Charlie Sheen version of The Three Musketeers should’ve won an Oscar for best action film.

I think Grant Morrison wins hard.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Star Trek, and even today it and its spinoffs are shows I consider to be groundbreaking and exceptional.

I loved The Strangerhood.

I still think Red vs. Blue kicks ass, even if it is nearly a decade old.

I prefer Crash Bandicoot over Mario.

I believe Stargate Universe is an excellent show in its own right, even if it is far removed from the core concepts of Stargate and goes in a different direction.

I thought Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Box was a thought-provoking, intellectual graphic novel. Furthermore, the artwork, whilst different to the norm, was also really good.

I loved Alien vs. Predator when I first saw it at the movies, and it was one of the first DVDs I ever bought with my own pocket money (I’ll watch the second one, someday).

I used to love eating peanut butter and cheese together on sandwiches.

I love classic Doctor Who, particularly Tom Baker and Peter Davison.

Mirrodin and its later constituents create probably the best set in Magic The Gathering.

I would rather sit on a train for an hour with a book than drive a car for half that time.

Even though the first season is, without a doubt, the best, I didn’t mind the later seasons of Heroes.

24 was just as good in its final season as it was in its first.

I’ll eat cheese and black pepper pasta over pizza and McDonalds any day of the week.

The point to all this? I like the stuff that a lot of people I know can’t stand.
And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that.

Happy Easter ❤


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