The Best Kind of Self-Indulgence

Today be-eth the day upon which the masses proclaim affection and undying adoration for similar squishy (or bony, if that be their cup of earl grey) carbon-based life forms through means of gifts, trinkets and home-constructed greeting cards.

In the spirit of such an occasion, I wish to divert your attention for the briefest period to describe a particular squishy carbon-based life-form to you. This is one of those people you just can’t help but be friends with – and if not, then you must be deficient in brain cells the same way James Cameron is devoid of original ideas these days.

She is adorned with crimson hair, a modern-day red-headed-hero, that sits upon a round, rosy-cheeked cranium that, if needed to, could present the prettiest MRI in existence. Creating the unique image on this cranium are two of the deepest of deep, deep blue eyes ever to be seen in an animal that doesn’t live 3000 feet below sea level, a sloped nose that, were you a miniature Liliputian, you could snowboard off, and lips that curve into the most dazzling smiles and produce the most infectious and intoxicating laughs and giggles that you’ll ever hear without venturing into a bird cage full of nitrous oxide.

She is graceful, charming, and powerfully intelligent. She does not walk, she flies with the angel’s wings she keeps tucked inside her beautiful summer dresses.

She is loyal, and will stand by your side even when the rest of the carbon-based world has departed from you.

She is forgiving, when you’ve made a mistake and only want to make amends.

She is witty and sassy, and could give Lana Kane a run for her money on the sass-o-meter.

She’ll give anything a go once – even computer gaming and Dungeons & Dragons.

She will never be disloyal, never stab you in the back, and never want to stop being the best person she can be – which she is.

If she is your friend, or even just a polite acquaintance, you cannot fully imagine or comprehend how absolutely lucky you are for having her as such.

And me? I love her beyond what can be described in urban dictionary definitions, facebook note pages, DIY Christmas cards and Hallmark-esque diabetes-sweet blog posts. I’ve loved her for two glorious, laughing, crying, hugging, kissing, hilarious, warm, sweet and amazing years.

And I most definitely love her today.


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