Federal Case

Picture this for a moment:

Your son, of twenty years, has just made dinner whilst you’re out at the gym. It’s a simple recipe however it’s one he’s never done before. You’ve given him some altered directions for ingredients and such for him to follow during.

You come home to find out that dinner was a bit messed up because A. the altered recipe didn’t work and B. the recipe on its own didn’t work. As well as this you find out your next door neighbours, who want witness signatures for their childrens’ passports, have been asked by that same son to come back later for when you return home because you were signing one half of those forms that morning, and your son didn’t want to mess the forms up or get in trouble for anything because the neighbours weren’t keen to let him actually read the form itself and he’d never fucking done one of them before.

Would you:

A. Calmly tell your son where he went wrong in both areas, and tell him how to do better next time.

B. Not care either way.

C. Give a very stern lecture on the importance of personal integrity and the lack of honour in these mistakes, as well as threaten to forbid your son’s girlfriend from ever coming over again when he’s cooking dinner as long as he lives in this house.

I think you can guess which one I was socked with.

Reach Legendary Status – 4/9.


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