If I ever met a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, my discussion would go something like this:

CHURCHGOER: Repent for Jesus! Deny homosexuality, and cut off the fags and dykes!

ME: You do realise God preaches against prejudice, right?

CHURCHGOER: God does not accept the fags and dykes that populate this sinful world! They must be dealt with swiftly and sent to the fiery depths of hell!

ME: Isn’t there a passage that reads something along the lines of “Judge not, lest ye be judged”? Doesn’t that kinda conflict with your ridiculing – some might say, judging – of the gays?

CHURCHGOER: The Bible says to reject homosexuality!

ME: Show me the passage.


ME: Show me the damn passage where it says “God hates fags”, or “Reject homos”, or any one of those other pieces of religious-neo-Nazi narrow-minded bullshit you all spout on your fliers and placards. Show me where it says in the Bible that a man who loves a man or a woman who loves a woman can’t be together if they want to be, without stigma attached from the rest of the world. Show me the EXACT phrasing, and then I might start believing you.

CHURCHGOER: *is silent*

ME: You bastards aren’t even paraphrasing, are you? You’re just using religion as an excuse for your neolithic views. Wake up sunshine – it isn’t “God hates fags”, it’s more “God hates intolerance” and “God hates inequity”. Or, perhaps, it’d really be “God hates fucking Westboro”. Coz Christ knows that if I were God, that’s what’d be on my flier.

Fuck the Westboro Baptist Church. In all their infinite (lack of) wisdom and (out-dated, fascist) instilled ideals.


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