From the Ashes

Given the current lapse in Brain Jooce, which was until a year ago my main internet presence, I’ve decided to get back into musing about the occurrences to both my physical form and my mental state.

I’ve set myself some goals this year – one of them is to complete a Halo campaign on Legendary. Preferably Reach, but we’ll see how that goes – the Campaign is fucking insane.

I’m moving into my third year of uni this year. Also hopefully moving out of my house at the end of 2011 – we’ll just see how that goes.

Work is…work. So it’s workish.

Story-wise I’ve also been a bit lax, however I came upon a rather nice idea that I’ve slowly been spinning into a full-blown narrative. It involves vampires (but then again, what doesn’t these days?) but in a way that is far removed from the schmaltzy, gay-pornographical roots of such nuisances as Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. Think Gregory Peck meets Colin Ferguson, modern-day, with lots of black vampiric heroin and the Illuminati. More on that later.

Intersections still exists. I’m reworking the earlier parts of it for more of a sense of consistency, but it’ll still take a while before I’m fully satisfied with it. The bare bones of the story are written, though.

I was recently accepted onto one of my favourite podcasts, QN (formerly Quirky Nomads), so you shall all hopefully be hearing my dulcet tones on future episodes this year.

Apart from that, not much else to go on. Definitely in need of some chocolate currently.


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